Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Luck With No Name, March 3, 2009

Here I am with these words again.

I can´t really think of much to say except that we´re damn lucky to be here.

Where exactly?

Well I could get specific about where I actually am, sitting on a sandy spit beside an unnamed lake in Chile, but really I just mean that we´re lucky to be anywhere at all.


I could get specific about the miracle of a life-supporting planet dangling like a thought through corkscrewing infiniti, but even that would only be a scratch on the surface.

You. Here.

We could talk at length about the miracle of your parents ever meeting. Or each of their parents for that matter. We could go on and on through the corkscrewing unlikelihood of it all, but why bother? It´s all too vast. Perfection is either all of it, or it doesn´t exist.


I don´t know. If it is luck it´s certainly not the type we humans ever talk about. It´s too big and it doesn´t involve sex or playing cards. Generally we´re not all that comfortable with the really big stuff.

We like to keep it manageable. If we always just stared off into the impossibility of it all we might just forget to do the laundry, feed the belly, punch the timecard.

But that´s all fine. There´s lots to be done on this particular freckle of the Milky Way. Lots to be done to keep our minds off of our unlikely lives, lest we begin to feel minute, even unimportant, which our evolution never would have allowed.

And if everything is perfectly how it is meant to be, which is beginning to feel more and more likely, than we can feel as lucky as we like. We can decide to look no further than:

Pretty sunset, a green bug on my arm, friends, a lake with no name, young man watching his thoughts roll in like the salty tide sitting in the Valdivian Rainforest who somehow still has a pair of dry socks on.

I must be the luckiest guy on this whole damn freckle.


  1. keep 'em comin' sammy...

    hey, i finally read and responded to all your other musing too... i wasn't subscribed by email to your blog, so i never knew you were updating it!

    do something fun and south american for me,

    ~ w

  2. brudda brudda french fry ~ I miss you like most of us human beans miss the stars....I know you're there, bright and beautiful, but you are just outside my everyday reach - I have to actually go looking for you, or sometimes, you find me. I love you....can't wait to talk to you soon, the Mojave is beautiful, green and flowery and quiet. Call me soon, I promise to pick up. ~ sissy sissy won ton

  3. Hey dear Sammy...because your words come from your deepest, truest self, they wake up those parts in all of us who read them...they make me take deep breathes to breathe in the wonder of the universe...much love from all of us here in

  4. Wise uncle,
    love, miss, respect you.